Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Education Project --- Coming India

Thanks Ben - for this :-)

Very Nice work!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Education Project developer team - /me in!

Today I was officially added as Domain Developer for OOo Project!

It has been wonderful - and this is time to hack hard. :-)
So I am now part of wonderful small dev team at Education Project.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

OOo /me coming - first cws nearing completion -- yo!

Finally, we (/me and ericb2) seem to have finished first part of wae4binfilter01 (fixing warnings in binfilter module) and we are searching for developer to review our changes. It has been wonderful experience working with ericb2 and other devs at edu and dev channel :) Now is time for issue 972 and ctors initializations.

It is great fun learning while contributing here with OOo ;-)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Starting a new effort -- Fixing warnings

At last after a month of rooming at #education.openoffice.org I started coding. It is big relief. Few days back ericb started a game of fixing warnings in old module binfilter which is not used much in OOo now. But as it goes any project needs to keep warnings as low as possible.
/me has some experience with python, perl, C but nothing with C++ but this game seems to be nice way to get started. ;-) So, I started an effort. And I am updating here about my progress on daily basis now.
It has been a wonderful experience at verious classrooms and sessions held on #irc channel.

Keep tuned will post about experience with classrooms in detail some time soon.

Rakesh Pandit

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A mac mini for the OpenOffice Education projet

I have just received a Mac-mini, a little computer from Macintosh company. With this new machine I can start to work to improve the scanner use under OpenOffice.org MacPort.

But I never used MacOs before, so the first step now is to set-up a complete developement environement under MacOS X Tiger. (Yes I don't have Leopard ...). I'm starting to have a look about Xcode, some tips for the dev with Mac Os and so. Don't hesitate to give me some feedback about that.

I really would like thanks obr who gave it to the OpenOffice Education Project ! I really hope that I will make a good use of it.

And naturally I will try to give some news about my progression in this task. Stay stuned !

Monday, April 28, 2008

First classroom on 7th of May


After some regular discussions with Vikram Vincent and Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay on IRC,I think we can start the ClassRoom program we scheduled some times ago.

Objective: help beginners willing to contribute, to discover the
development side of OpenOffice.org project, and try to solve, or at
least provide some light to : " What, Where, Who, How , Whom ask ..."
questions any newcomer asks.

The logs will be put on the wiki, thus all the community will be able
to access the knowledge, and I expect to see the developers I
contacted to confirm they will contribute.

Because this is the first one, we'll start with the beginning, and
I'll (exceptionaly) start myself the ClassRoom.

Proposed Date: Wednesday 7th of May 2008,
Hour : 11:00 ( Paris hour ) ~ 14:30 India hour ( i.e; Vincent
hour ;-) )
Mode: as IRC meeting. Server : irc.freenode.net Channel :

Content :

Part 1:

1) Discover the OpenOffice.org project

Other points, suggested by Vincent Vikram :

2) where is the code
3) I got the code ... now where do I start in the code ?
4) What do I need to know in advance
5) How good is the documentation documentation

Part 2:
Questions from the attendees

Part 3:

Round table with students, and developers, + define the agenda for
the next ClassRooms, including other questions to be prepared in advance

Suggestions ? Opinions ?

Last but not least, please note carefully:

- we have choosen the IRC way, because unfortunaly, not everybody has
a nice Internet connexion, with good bandwidth, and so on.
- if you have a proposal for a better way of communication, please
propose, and organize it !!
- Everything about the content (the log), and _after_ the
presentation (comments, additional links ..etc) will be on the wiki
- ALL contributions are WELCOME : means such thing will work if and
only if _several_ people join the effort and contribute, because we
have to do everything from scratch.

Best regards,
Eric Bachard