Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hello World ! and plans of world domination

This is the obligatory Hello World ! post on the blog. A part of what gets me going to do some evangelism for the Education Project is the immense opportunity that would be available to the students as part of this and through this. A sad aspect of the education system in India is the oft-asked question "would contributing to an Open Source Project get me a job?" When a student asks this, this is a pertinent question - at the end of a long drawn part of life spent in studying {s}he may be looking at an aspirational job. The saddest bit is when the educator asks if teaching the students to contribute would actually help them in their careers. The Education Project provides that bit of momentum and areas that can be covered. I plan to do a few small talk sessions at colleges about the Project and more importantly how it exists to handhold new entrants into the huge project that is OpenOffice.org