Friday, March 7, 2008

Education Project and welcome new students

Today, George Armah, student at Lafayette College of Easton (Pennsylvania), joined the #ooo_macport IRC channel, because he wanted to propose ideas for a potential Google SoC application.

After a short discussion about what George had in mind to make Aqua version more Mac like, I proposed him the right people to be contacted.

Afterwards, we continued to discuss a bit, and the usual problem appeared:

- lost on the wiki ...
- whom ask ?
- who does what ...
- how start progressively for Mac OS X port (works for any other port )

After all these (normal) questions, I explained there is Education Project, and presented the existing Education Project effort, including the spirit of the task.

Glad to see George enjoyed :)

I hope to see more students joining, but don't forget, teachers are welcome too ;-)