Monday, March 3, 2008

Education Project Effort

An effort (thanks to the UNO Team for the definition) consists of the following things:

* a goal or a mission,
* to solve a problem,
* while using a solution,
* optionally having a time plan,
* a list of things which need to be done, these may directly be some content (e.g. specifications, implementations, tests, articles) or other efforts, and
* a status (e.g. planned, in progress, finished, cancelled).

To discover new developers and build a bridge between Project and Educational System, Education Project proposes applications, doable in one or two month of work for a student ( time to discover everything, and do the real work). All these applications below are correlated with IssueZilla issues, and need new code to be solved.

What we propose is to accompany the peers teachers/students solving the issues: the work must be done by the student, and we are resources. This means, most of the time, we have no clue about the solution (but we could work on it), or the needed changes, and sometimes, just a little change in the code can solve the issue. Sometimes, a lot of code can be needed.

The most important is to work together, and make the students discover source code and organisation.

The applications are classed

- by difficulty level (more stars means means more work and more difficult to be solved )

- by themes, e.g. Mac OS X

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